OotS Part 1: Nassau Bahamas

I had to type this up on my phone after I saw Nassau. Here’s part 1 of the cruise blogs!

I’m typing this up on Google Keep on the cruise because going this long without writing some blog posts is awful. It’s worse than awful actually, it’s similar to being an athlete and not practicing your sport for a week. I don’t know anything worse to be honest.

But the first stop on this cruise was to visit Nassau aka Atlantis which was quite a peculiar stop…it was such contrast. We took a tour that drove us over this bridge towards Atlantis (the resort?) and on one side of the river/gulf/body-of-water, there were yachts. Yet on the other side, there were awful rundown boats that were sinking. We saw a series of house-boats were so broke down that I think owning such a shelter would be a health hazard.

(On another tangent, isn’t it awful that I feel like I have the audacity to shit on other people’s homes?)

We later found out that those rundown shits-I mean ships, were actually taking all the cans/recyclables to Haiti.

I don’t know how to even say it.20150419_065815The contrast between the Atlantis resort and the rest of the town was so immense. Atlantis was off in it’s own archipelago of the island and had it’s own land for the resort. It was so grande; filled with an underground aquarium, 5-star ships, and all these high class areas. Even Miss Teen USA was held there. But when you leave the resort, it’s so impoverished.

There were a family (one adult male, one adult female, and two younger children) of Bahamians that were selling cold waters for $1 through the bars of the gate as I boarded the tour van. Maybe that could be symbolic. It’s their island yet we tourists are given the better services and nicer land. #Imperialism

On a different note, I took a tour of Atlantis and I really do hope the legend is true because I want some mer-friends.


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