OotS Part 2: No Stars

I’m sitting on the front of the ship, on the 15th deck, and just…there are no stars. None. Well maybe one, but for all I know, that could be a plane. I wish I could see a sky of stars at least.
We’re in between St. Thomas and St. Maarten right now, so I guess we could take a turn for symbolism. A hard left towards the land of English teachers. (Please don’t take offense, because you know it’s very true.)

Between point A and point B with only one light guiding me, yet I’m still going. Isn’t that funny though how back in the old days, they navigated from A to B by way of stars, yet now our ship captain navigates with an arsenal of compasses, GPS’s, computers, and all these other high-tech navigation tools?

We’ve grown. We’ve adapted. We’ve learned. So with no stars, still walking forward, I’m just slightly stumbling in the dark. Tripping here and there, wobbling a bit as I go, it’s just how life is.

Maybe it’s my attitude though. You could saunter your way through life, giving little resistance to the tide you’re drawn to. You could forge your own path and run straight ahead, giving less care to the wind than the Governor. You could walk the path without your heart. You could even sleep your way to the finish line if you wanted to. It’s all attitude isn’t it?

If that’s the case, maybe if I looked a little harder and opened my eyes a little wider, I’d see another star.


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