OotS Part 3: An Adventure in the Midwest

So I did a thing. A relatively stupid thing but a thing nevertheless. Keep in mind that this wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I am a minor (16 years old) and traveling alone.

On my way home from the cruise, I was scheduled to have a flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Cleveland, OH to Boston, MA. I departed the cruise and headed to Spirit Airlines’ terminal at the Fort Lauderdale International airport, which by the way is the ugliest airport I’ve ever stepped foot in.

I’ve flown a handful of times and seen lots of airports, and I’m not demanding to be in the first class lounge or anything but my goodness. The airport was just the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. No culture or decor, the schedule kept changing my flight terminals between H7 and H10, and it was so hot inside the airport. Isn’t it usually cool and temperature controlled in the buildings?

Also I got a pat down because I failed the TSA security machine check. You know what I’m talking about right? The giant tube-like cylindrical where you have you arms above your head as it scans you? The scanner picked something up on my back so I got taken aside and pat down. The agent joked that my thick hair prevented the scanner from checking my back but my hair really isn’t that thick.

I boarded the plane and flew to Ohio, no biggie. But Spirit is legally allowed to overbook by 4 passengers and so they did and they needed volunteers to give up their seat and be re-routed to Boston. I thought hey, I’ll get home eventually plus I get a free roundtrip anywhere I want on Spirit. So I pulled a YOLO out of my hat and did it. They put me in a room at the Mariott for the night, paid for my dinner, and then picked me up the following day and rerouted me on a flight to La Guardia in NYC which will then take me to Logan Intn’l in Boston. I didn’t have to pay for anything and I get free plane tickets, um hello! I’d do it again in a second, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Well, actually scratch that. I care what my mom thinks and she was livid when she found out what happened. I sent her a text before I volunteered but she never got it and so I told her after what happened. I’m pretty sure I gave her an ulcer I worried her so much. But I’m safe now, no harm done. I had my backpack with me (my luggage got sent home) which included all my travel essentials: passport/ID, wallet, laptop & charger, phone & charger, headphones, extra clothes, toothbrush, and a rape whistle.

I jokingly brought that along but hey, it’s never too much to be safe. So yeah I volunteered to give up my plane seat and in return gave my mom an ulcer (or 3) and got a free roundtrip on Spirit Airlines.

I thought that being alone in a hotel room in a cool city would be fun but I got to my room, called my mom for a bit, then watched a documentary on Jackie Robinson and fell asleep. It was a fun experience.

*Sidenote: I saw a man in seersucker overalls…the midwest is weird


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