With the topic of college and my future planted in front of me, all I’ve heard is you’re so ambitious, remember to be realistic too! But what is ambitious?

I’m a dreamer, that’s always been me. I’m the optimist, the idealist, the dreamer. I’ve always reached for more with the security that failure isn’t an option. It doesn’t even exist. I’ve never even considered what may happen if my plans fall through because I’m blindy confident in my success. I believe that no matter where life takes me, wherever success may be, if I just keep going, I’ll achieve my dreams.

For college I’m dreaming of Wellesley College, Stanford University, George Washington University, and all these top universities. Whether I can get accepted is another factor, but I have this na├»ve seed of hope that maybe they need someone like me. Someone ambitious.

I just don’t see the benefit in waiting for the sun to fry my egg if I could set a fire and get things rolling you know? Why hope and pray for change if you can be the change?

I understand that one person can’t change the world (actually I don’t, but everyone says it so maybe it’s true), but you can certainly start a chain reaction. The thing with that saying is that, if one person can’t change the world, then how many does it take? 2? 30? 500000?

It takes one courageous and brilliant mind to step forward into quicksand, but you may get lucky and it might be mud. Just because you sink a little doesn’t mean the journey is over.

That’s why I’m ambitious. I refuse to be realistic because I have an itinerary of dreams to achieve and happiness to share. I’ll ambitious because I see a light that I want to shine brighter than the sun. I want to create a change and I refuse to wait for someone else to guide me.


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