I hate the phrase new year, new me, so I made my own. It kind of means the same thing though, so I didn’t accomplish very much. Oooops. But since 2015 is over, let’s do a full recap now!

So what happened in 2015?

  • I dated a boy which was cool I guess
  • Developed chest pains from going HAM on my AP studying #noragrets
  • Joined Team PAN (Parkinson’s Action Network) MA as an Assistant State Director and Editor of the Newsletter
  • Still haven’t hugged Obama
  • Started senior year
  • Got rejected from Stanford
  • Visited Vietnam (+ more) for the second time ever
  • Started working at the YMCA

It was a successful year! I think this has been the most progressive year yet, but I’m ready to fill 2016 with even more. Here’s the plan for 2016:

Let’s release a blog post once every two weeks (at least) and a Sunday Appreciation Day once a month (on Sunday of course).

January: finish college apps, submit my FAFSA, start on scholarship essays

February: full swing for the Club of Social Concern with building a can structure (we did a Christmas tree last year), Valentine’s Day dance, PAN Forum in DC!!!

March: will still be at the PAN Forum, hopefully bringing more ideas to the table at state meetings

April: College decisions, Crunch time for AP exams, another PAN MA Caucus (I think)

May: AP Exams, Last day of school, Prom/18th Birthday, hopefully a visit from a friend in CA

June-August: Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Summer trip with the girls, beach fun, lots of blogging in free time

September-December: Start college (wherever that is), have fun, study hard!

Who else is ready for how great this year is going to be? I’m excited. Do you do New Year’s Resolutions? What are they? I used to make a list but every year it all boils down to the same thing! Hopefully I can stick to this agenda of the year.

May you all be blessed with luck and happiness in 2016!



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