Setting the Tone for 2016

(L-R) Linh, me, Geoff, and Matt at the wedding!

This is the first post of the year! Crazy, isn’t it? On New Year’s day I did nothing but college applications, but I made up for the lost celebrations the next day with friends from afar! 

My friend Matt and his friend Geoff came to stay with me for a night as a pit stop in their journey north to go camping. Though I hadn’t met Geoff till he showed up at my door, I’m always overjoyed to have friends over for a meal (or two).

Like Kyle, Jack & Handong, Connie, and Deen, I met Matt through Youth In Government. He was apart of the Delaware delegation at CONA 2014 and we grew close then, but have since drifted. Actually, funny thing, I haven’t spoken to Matt or kept in contact until recently when he decided to come up for a visit. Funny how things work out, right?

If my memory serves me right, Matt was a well-versed delegate and always spoke in puns on the mountain. I remember he was courteous and always offered his seat or made room for others in conversation. After spending a little less than 24 hours this past weekend, I can confirm that he’s still the same after all this time. Isn’t that great? I love when you can build friendships that can stand the weight of time and little to no communication, but are stronger than when the last time you met.

I also had to attend a wedding (congrats Anh Hoang!) the night he arrived, so as the ambitious person I am, I dragged Matt and Geoff along with me. We stayed and wished the couple well and then politely excused ourselves, since I wanted to show the New Jersey and Florida natives what Boston was like. We didn’t really have a game plan, and drove aimlessly- well, no. We drove with destinations in mind, but I am an awful navigator (I hold up stereotypes, don’t I?), and well, that should give enough detail.

We walked around the Harbor and saw some of the financial district, but you know, just talked. When we got home, Matt and I were still wound up with energy and talked late into the night. From this I’ve realized two things:

  1. I don’t hate French people after all (that’s for another blog post).
  2. I really love talking to Matt.

You think that after a year and a half of not talking, it’d be really awkward to see one another again, but it’s quite normal! It’s like nothing ever changed. In fact, I think I know more about Matt now than I could have before, which is really nice. At CONA, you’re thrown into this state of getting to know everyone on an extremely deep level, which can be really overwhelming.

Getting to speak with him outside of that environment though, is so different. It felt normal and real, but there were countless times I took moments to just think woah, you are in front of me, right now, in real life. Because seeing someone speak, and their body language, and being in their presence, is what we take for granted most in life. Being in the moment and able to observe the little twitch of the finger or softening smile or anything, is what enriches a conversation. It’s so much more genuine and organic that way, don’t you think?

But I really love talking to Matt. Each person you come across in life comes from a different reality than you do. To become a cultured and empathetic human, you have to be able to understand other realities, you know? Talking to him and understanding little bits of his reality was really nice. Sometimes I forget about how different everyone’s lives are and how in this moment, while you are reading my blog post, there are billions of people around you, all doing different things, all in this finite moment. Is there a word for that? When you realize how large and vast the universe is in this moment, but how small your reality is to the universe?

Anyways, I feel like even though we spent hours chatting and catching up, we only skimmed the surface of all the things to converse about. They say when you go travel, never go everywhere, or else you won’t have reason to return. It’s a good thing we still have more to say, because I don’t doubt that I’ll be seeing more of him in the future (POTUS?).

Unfortunately, Geoff knocked out and slept through the night. Hopefully someday he’ll return and I’ll be able to pick his brain too. I think it’d be cool to learn what his reality is like as well.

So this is how I rang in the new year, a day late in Boston and some great company. I hope the year continues on in this pattern, reuniting with old friends and meeting new, all while experiencing some new adventures as well.

p.s. I was going to make this an appreciation post, but that would have inflated his ego far too much. So here we are with a hybrid of a regular update and a sunday appreciation day.

p.p.s. As for the blog, I have a very raw post coming soon in the #therapyjourney tag, but with a twist. Stay tuned!





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