And here we are

So I’ve had my 18th birthday, senior prom, scholarship and award ceremonies, graduation….it’s finally over. The first segment of my education is finally over.It hit me the other night of how much of a journey it has been. No wonder so many graduates go on to Instagram emotional photos and tweet meticulously long threads of thank-you’s and it’s been real fam.

I measured high school by the time I lost with my dad solely because he conveniently (or inconveniently for truth) passed only a few moments before I took my “big girl” steps into education. So it’s been crazy that in four years, I’ve learned to grow up in so many different areas.

Have you ever seen the computer generated animation of a sphere growing in all directions? Like a ball wanting to burst from the inside or the Earth growing skyscrapers all along it’s continents. That’s what high school felt like. Seven different areas of learning on top of the social skills and all the other random things I picked up on the way. It was like the dent I had in my sphere from losing a parent was momentarily filled in with geometry skills until it had cradled itself back to status quo.

Crazy. Life is so crazy. In four years, I’ve traveled across the country to meet some of the finest human beings on the planet like Sterling, Alex, Gabe, Megan, David, and so many more. Especially Sterling. I’ve never admired a person so much for being my exact opposite. I’ve traveled a few states south to meet some of the most passionate, nerdy, and articulate leaders of the future like Matt, Kyle D, Kyle H, Iris, Connie, and Andreas. I’ve traveled to Vietnam and encouraged education among all levels to over 160 kids. I’ve been mentored and have mentored. I’ve initiated efforts to better the community. I’ve even skipped school to advocate for something I care about – multiple times!!!

I’ve done so much. I’ve literally thrown myself into the world around me and just ran with it. It’s amazing how much you can do when you really put the effort in. And sitting here, listing off accomplishments, I still think I can do more. Is that crazy? I feel like I’ve only started out in life and all of these things that I’ve done have started to get the ball rolling. But this is the beginning to so much more!! I can’t wait to see where I go in my adult life. I feel invincible. Not in the sense that I’m immortal or can’t be stopped, but that if I can do something as small as ask a kid what they learned in school that day when I’m coaching a rock climbing class and make a difference, then man life is just going to so wonderful.

I’ve heard of people measuring their life in a matter of hours and minutes or special moments, but I think I’m going to measure mine in moments of impact. I’m going to measure life by all of the differences I make. All of the moments where I can say I did well to ensure the future. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do exactly. Life is so special in that way.


And so here we are. At the end of one book and ready to start another. Amazing, really.


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