College Updates

I haven’t blogged at all since I’ve been in college so apologies. That aside, let me tell you, college is a lot of emotions. I came down to Rollins and dove right in. I jumped into all sorts of activities and checked off all sorts of freshmen experiences really quickly (none of which were illegal or dangerous, no worries mama). From parties to late night movies to studying till 4am to learning every detail about Obamacare, I am living-thriving even-here.

The first few weeks were filled with excitement and nerves. You know those snapshot moment of a little kid that has had too much sugar and is just way too observative and excited for anything that could happen, just ready to anticipate the next moment? That was exactly how I felt. I was excited and felt like a squirrel stuffing my cheeks with every bit of knowledge possible.

Now I’m feeling the consequence of now swallowing what I held in my cheeks. That is certainly an odd analogy that isn’t descriptive at all. But I think you know what I mean. I finally have time to relax and really process everything that I’ve taken part in and wow, I really stormed my way into college. It’s not bad because I’m doing pretty damn well.

I’ve taken up a role in student government, have been volunteering every week (2-4x a week), recently went on a leadership immersion trip, and even fit time in to spend with friends and enjoy myself. I’m having a really good time, but alas, something is missing. I think it’s becoming a trend that no matter what I do with my life, I will feel like something is missing. Maybe I should accept it and move on. The universe is telling me to dive further into this, however, because I shouldn’t feel at a loss. I should feel content, satiated, and full. Everything is going exactly as I planned and exactly as I’ve dreamed. In doing so, I feel like I am indeed missing something. I’m not too worried though, it’s a future Nam problem (as I always say).

ELI (Emerging Leadership Institute) happened over the weekend and I was lucky enough to go, which was a lot of fun. I spent quality time with some girls that I haven’t been close to before. I developed a lot of leadership traits that I hadn’t focused on before. There’s always so much more to learn than expected.

In terms of social life, I’m having a good time. I spend most nights relaxing since I typically finish work early. I’m not worried about any of that really, I maintain good worth ethic and get my stuff done. I also have failed to mention that I have an awesome roommate. I sincerely believe that I won the roomie lottery because she is an absolute blessing to have. Being such a go-go-go kind of person, she reminds me to take a moment to breathe and do some self-care/love. I’m really grateful to have someone that I look up to as a roommate, it’s really lovely. Whenever we spend time together, we always have really nice conversations that remind me of how intelligent, kind, caring, and responsible she is. She definitely reminds me of when I need to check myself. (Also, she is the one that designed the new website. All of the photos on the page are her own works. Isn’t she talented??)

That’s it for now I guess. College is just a lot of emotions that I haven’t completely processed. This blog post is as scatterbrained as I feel, so no worries dear reader, you are not completely lost. It’s just my writing. Haha.


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