It’s #GivingTuesday and I’m feeling very loved, very cared for, and very giving indeed. I’ve had the chance to watch people give and take over the past semester, in many different capacities and outlets, and I seriously think I’ve found the meaning of life. Jokes. Well, maybe.

I’ve been around many great people in my life: nonprofit founders, small business owners, dreamers, etc. There are those that dream and those that achieve. In the process to chasing your dreams, you take a lot. You take knowledge and experience from your elders, the love from your relatives, the funds from your parents (shout out to mama), and the energy from caffeine. It’s interesting really.

But over the past week, I didn’t post a Sunday Appreciation Day or Thanksgiving post like normal because I’ve been too busy or too lazy or some other excuse that I’m going to whip out of my imagination. I’ve only had a moment to think about it now but there are some really wonderfully amazing people out there in the world that have dedicated their lives to giving.

I met a man from my home state of Massachusetts that has started his own institution, dedicated to helping others hone their talent and develop their own nonprofits to propel the world. He’s given his career and life into helping others achieve their dreams.

I met a woman tucked in the corner of the Northeast that ventured in her own dreams to find herself working from dusk to dawn every day to continue living her dream. The smiles on customers erase every bit of exhaustion from the corners of eyes. She gives her energy to others’ happiness.

I met a woman nestled in my new home of Central Florida that has been living her dream of providing smiles to families going through rough times with sick children every day. Her continued support for these families is a warm hug to these tired and drained parents. The joy in her step is that of a woman that has conquered it all and is ready to conquer more. She gives her heart out every day.That’s only 3 people that I’ve met in the past 18 years. Imagine how long this blog post could be. I’ve met some

That’s only 3 people that I’ve met in the past 18 years. Imagine how long this blog post could be if I kept going! From advocates to moms to business owners to CEOs to professors/teachers to friends, I could go on forever. I’ve been surrounded by people that spend their whole life giving and I’ve been running around plucking apples from each tree.

I’ve been blessed, I really have. I came home from a long day to find cookies on my desk from a friend. How kind is that? #GivingTuesday is a reminder that we always take, so its time for the rest of us to give. You don’t have to dedicate your life to giving, it’s not something that reflects negatively on you as a person because it’s not your cup of tea. That’s wonderfully okay too because you do your own thing. For the people that do give every day though, I want to thank you. I think we all owe thanks to the very giving around us, because imagine what life would be like without them? Yeah, I couldn’t imagine it either.


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