Leaving this in 2016

There are very few that can come into your life and change you the way you did for me. I grew and changed, unrecognizably so. There are even fewer that do this and leave. 

I miss you dearly. Sometimes I think of eating with you late at night, never being hungry enough to eat but always starving for your company.

Do you remember when you would give me a big hug before I would go to bed? I would tuck my head into the crevice on the left side of your body every time. It’s been so long that I had to think about that…

We used to stay up late talking and you would tell me all about your childhood and why you loved what you loved and why you do what you do. In moments like that, I wouldn’t even pay attention to what you said, but I would stare at how your face lit up as you remembered where you grew up and who changed your life.

I remember the way you smell. I remember what your arms felt like wrapped around me. I remember your voice when you told me that you were proud of me.

I wish I was stepping into 2017 with you too, but it’s okay. I love you.

I spent a lot of time this year, more so than any other year, wishing I could rewind time, but now I’m going to take a big step and accept that there is more beyond the past. Time to pick up and step together.


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