Thankful Thursdays: Jake

Jake & Nam’s friendship in 5 short bullets:

  • Leaders
  • Cohosting bomb parties
  • Indian food (and cronuts potentially??)
  • Terrible inside jokes/puns
  • Makings lists of things to do

Really, that’s all you need to know about us. At the heart of it, that’s all Jake and I are. Though, black and white is always boring and as the first appreciation post of 2017, let me fill you in on *all* of the texts, hugs, and memories that give me all the reason I need to call Jake one of my best friends – even though we only see each other once in a blue moon. I say that quite literally. I think we’ve seen each other 4 times now since we’ve met.

Being apart of the Y has brought me lots of fun times and friends, Jake being one of them. We met at NELS (blog post here) as we were in the same living group and became great friends. After spending a week of mental, physical, and spiritual challenges together, you really get to know a person – like the fact that Indian food > every other food. Quickly, we found out that an Indian place that my dad meant to take me to but never did, was one of Jake’s favorites.

So after I declared Jake as my best friend (sorry, you had no choice in this), we picked each other’s brains after NELS and had lots in common but also not much in common at all. As a liberal arts junkie, I scream if you say the words “differential” and “calculus” in the same sentence. But as a total stem nerd, that’s pretty much his favorite type of math. Now don’t get me wrong, I love math, I just don’t harvest the results I want with the time I invest. Yet I remember in one of the first talks with Jake after NELS, I remember we both like math for the same reason: there’s one solution to every problem, it’s right or wrong, but the way you get there can be varied. Did we just inadvertently compare math to life? Probably.

There’s also a lot of random sayings with references to all sorts of things that I’ve never even heard of. I quickly realized that I’m very behind in pop culture because Jake is almost always referencing all these fun and quirky videos that I’ve never heard of.

I took a break from writing this post and now I’m back and I’m really tired but I really want to post this because I promised Jake like a month ago.

Essentially, my best friend loves Indian food and is a huge math wiz and gets really excited about nerdy stuff like karate and postcards from around the world and all the little things.



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