11149414_10152852718698716_6242996373327024128_nAfter months of anticipation and waiting, my junior prom finally happened! Ahh!! It was such an amazing night and so many details that I am dying to blog out. Junior prom was held at the Hilton Hotel, a super beautiful venue, at 6pm-11pm. We had a half day for school and so when I got home, the prom prep began. Continue reading “PRAHHHM”


Don’t forget to smile!

I was going to write another appreciation-like post tonight, but I’m just so tongue-tied. This rarely happens. You guys should know, I’m always rambling on my blog but gosh, when it comes to this specific person, I’m just left without words. (But in the greatest way possible.) Continue reading “Don’t forget to smile!”

Empathy, Compassion, Love

I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is over, yet somehow I’m still caught up in all the love around me.  The Harvard study I was looking at concluded that “about 80% of the youth in our survey report that their parents are more concerned about achievement or happiness than caring for others.”  Honestly, that’s probably true. A lot of parents say they value caring/kindness, but their everyday actions suggest otherwise. Anyways, the study suggested how traits like empathy are learned and are difficult to pick up on. Isn’t that odd?  Continue reading “Empathy, Compassion, Love”

Theory: Tension and Release

Noah messaged me last night at 3am asking if I believed in an afterlife. Sometimes I want to believe there is, but I think when

Noah's ready for anything.
Noah’s ready for anything. p.s. Sorry love, had to embarrass you. xoxo

we die, we disappear. Just kind of go poof and become apart of the universe. Though I do hope there is some Heaven-like realm we disappear to because I don’t think a lifetime is enough to love anyone. I mean, I’ve known Noah for 8 months now. We talk every waking moment and I still feel like I don’t even know him. I can’t imagine any quantifiable amount of time is enough to get to know someone.  Continue reading “Theory: Tension and Release”

Why there’s an oncoming shortage of doctors

Here are some statistics:

There are 24.2 doctors per every 10,000 people in the US. 1.7 doctors per every 10,000 in Angola. 37.8 in Belgium. 48.6 in Austria. 0.6 in Benin. 2.3 in Cambodia. 1.9 in Afghanistan. 3.4 in Botswana. 33.4 in Estonia. 1.1 in Gambia. 6.4 in Morocco. 4.9 in Sri Lanka. 0.5 in Papua New Guinea. 20.7 in Canada.*

*Stats provided by The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation

Now guess how many doctors there are per 10,000 in the world? 13.9. Isn’t that messed up? Shouldn’t your health be your first priority? If so, why do we have so many little doctors?

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I Have This Theory About Your Soul…

I’m back with another theory wee! This is one that I’ve had for over a year now. It stemmed from a post-P2P 2013: Tech Summit at Stanford conversation with my friend Cole. Cole, may I add, is the greatest nerd of all time and can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. But Cole said that he has this idea that in life, we meet so many people. Each time you meet someone, you take a piece of their soul and they take a piece of yours. I’ve thought about it so much since, and so this is my build up on top of that. No matter what I add to it though, the original credit will always go to Cole from Texas.

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Sunday Appreciation Day: Thanksgiving Love!

Hi Guys! So I just wanted to do a quick (accumulated) shout out to all the lovebugs around me because as yall know, Thanksgiving is coming up. You guys know that I love to appreciate everyone in my life everyday and not just Thanksgiving, but hey. Thanksgiving is a really special time to really reflect on all you have around you and in your life. So here are only a handful of people that I love in my life. Scroll through for your name, read all of them, or just use “control + f” to find your name. It’ll be ordered by first name plus the initial of your last name. ❤

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Lack of Blogging + Update

I haven’t blogged for about a week now. Dang it! I was going so strong with daily blogging. What a pity 😦  But I’m going to try and get back into the hang of it. This past week has been crazy and busy and just draining.

I’m actually sick and gross and I can’t breathe through my right nostril. It’s the weirdest sensation. Think of having your ear clogged with water but plot twist, you’re nose with boogies. Gross, I know. If I breathe through my mouth, I can’t talk and my sore throat gets dry. So then I think about how to breathe and become conscious of it and dear, that’s just a whole ballgame I do not want to be apart of. Continue reading “Lack of Blogging + Update”

Two Faces, One Mind

Some people have two faces. Some have more. Some say I have two faces, literally and physically. I say I will wear however much makeup I please. I say that I may have two attitudes, but I’m only reciprocating yours. You deserve what you give right? Continue reading “Two Faces, One Mind”

The Last Song

This overly cliché  movie starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth  takes a hard left turn when  the father falls ill and passes. The movie  transitions from Miley’s love life to her struggle  to save herself from the void of destruction  she’d  let herself on. Her father’s  death serves as an awakening  moment for her. She returns  to her music and decides to go to Juilliard. Continue reading “The Last Song”