Lack of Blogging + Update

I haven’t blogged for about a week now. Dang it! I was going so strong with daily blogging. What a pity 😦  But I’m going to try and get back into the hang of it. This past week has been crazy and busy and just draining.

I’m actually sick and gross and I can’t breathe through my right nostril. It’s the weirdest sensation. Think of having your ear clogged with water but plot twist, you’re nose with boogies. Gross, I know. If I breathe through my mouth, I can’t talk and my sore throat gets dry. So then I think about how to breathe and become conscious of it and dear, that’s just a whole ballgame I do not want to be apart of.

I’ve also used up 3 tissue boxes in one weekend. WOO! New record! I also just took a 3 hour break between this sentence and the last one because I’m tired. I feel so fatigued guys. I apparently also look really sad and pitiful. Boo.

My mom just invited me to go shopping and I turned her down so that means I’m sick. If you know me, you know never to entrust me with money or a credit card or any shopping district because I will make you go bankrupt in one swipe. I’m a shopper and I’m not smart about it. I’m learning thought, no worries. (Actually you probably should worry because I’m going to be a broke and bankrupt person when I hit 18.)

Anyways yeah so I’ve been dealing with this whole “bullying” ordeal and panic/anxiety attacks and crying fits and just it’s all a mess. Plus being sick and tired. Plus being extremely ill-tempered all the time. (My cousin didn’t close the door yesterday as she was leaving my room. I was so angry I imagined how difficult it would be to rip the door from its hinges and whip it at her. I didn’t though because well, I wouldn’t have a door after.)

Anyways that’s what this past week/weekend has been like. Nothing new, nothing great. Just little old sick me. On the bright side, I discovered this song that is *amaze balls*. It’s called Where We Used to Run by Landon Austin.

It’s a great song. I love it. Plus he’s cute which is always a bonus. I really love acoustic-y, pop/indie music so if anyone has any fun songs like that, let me know.

In other news, I have a super big post coming up for you guys. It’s something I’ve been working on for a few weeks and am hoping you all will love a lot. I don’t know when I will finish it or when I will post it. I’m hoping by the end of this year at the latest. But until that one mega-post comes out, I’ll be updating more cooking recipes I think. Stay tuned xoxo



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